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I'm a huge Amazon fan. Mainly because the prices are the cheapest, the service/returns policy is the best, and there's usually no postage to pay at all. And through the magic of 'affiliates', you can now browse and buy just the smartphone and tech kit you need on Amazon right here, in Steve's Amazon Store (SAS) without even leaving 3-Lib and The Phones Show. And, although the kit won't cost you a penny more, a few pennies do go to this site, to help keep the wheels turning and the show on the air. Thanks in advance!

Here are my current top tech picks and mobile bargains for UK buyers

Note that if you want to buy stuff other than mobile/computer tech, you'll find it easiest to just use this link through to the main Amazon site, so that your searches will work across all products!

Also, if you're interested in Amazon's Netflix-competing Instant Video system, please see that here, you can help me just by trialling it, etc.